electronic customs declaration module connected to CEISA and MPN

Faster, more efficient customs declarations

We’re the first platform in Indonesia to offer integrated customs declarations and payments through our ClicDeclare module, allowing for seamless real-time processing of all your trade documentation with visibility, accountability and traceability of all your digital submissions. 


As an appointed LPL collection agent, we provide easy digital payments  of government duties and taxes online, and our online platform provides easy document tracking and report submissions to government bodies. 


Transactions ranging from customs declarations, payments of duties and taxes, and gate passes for port clearance can now be processed within Clickargo wherever you are, at any time of the day.

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Self-serve customs declarations service

electronic customs declaration module

Documents needed for customs clearance

You’ll need to have documents such as your commercial invoices, packing lists and certificates of transport (i.e. Airway Bills, Bills of Lading) prepared for the submission of your trade declarations.

To start the document digitisation process, simply upload your scanned documents (in PDF, PNG, TIFF or JPEG) onto the platform. Our platform uses Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver highly accurate declarations that understand all data types, including images, hand-printed text, cursive writing and signatures.

More control with manual data input

When you select to manually input data instead of uploading your scanned documents, you can choose to save your input information before submission and continue where you left off at any time.

Tired of entering data line by line?

If your trade documents are structured data in a predefined file format (XML, Excel), the data can be auto-populated into the customs declaration form fields. This means you save time on manual data entry and worry less about human errors in your submission, especially when you have many line items to declare.

Automated customs declarations service

Entering data line by line takes a long time and is prone to errors 


With the implementation of EDI and API integration, you do not have to upload the documents manually to the platform. Instead, our system is automated to get the documents and convert them into structured data to be mapped and validated to meet the standard customs declaration format. What you have to do is to review the declaration document and click submit. 


Leave the tedious, manual customs declaration submissions to our platform to provide you with time-saving and greater accuracy of declarations. 

Unfamiliar with the customs regulatory requirements or not keeping up with the changes of declaration format?

You can rely on our highly experienced and well-trained trade declarations team to provide 24/7 support and quality assurance, ensuring your declarations comply with the Indonesia Government requirements.

self service using electronic customs declaration, Indonesia
an electronic customs declaration system diagram

Platform Capabilities

Automated accurate data input processes

Convenient review and submission of trade documents

Easy downloads of SPPB & electronic documents

Payments for duties & taxes

Email Notifications

Helping you achieve seamless, 

efficient and accurate customs declarations 

Reduced Human Intervention and errors

Data is validated, mapped and aligned to meet government standards

Complete, secure and hassle-free customs declaration experience

Secure data reusability and faster, more seamless transactions with government authorities

Cost savings and improved efficiency

Digitised customs compliance processes lead to lesser compound fines and with fewer storage/warehousing fees incurred

Increased efficiency

Digitisation of documents reduces time, effort, and dependencies on manual data entries

Fast reporting and analysis

Download reports at your convenience and refers to your dashboard for a quick status update of your activities

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