Pay online your corporate tax and logistics bills with ease via Clickargo

Queuing at the counters to settle bills is a thing of the past! With Clickargo all in one platform, you can safely make cashless payments for your trade transactions, such as applications for permit and clearance declaration documents, import duties and taxes, container terminal and depot services, and shipping orders. In addition, our digital payment process ensures real-time submission, saving your time and administrative cost. 

Move to cashless payments for greater savings and traceability

Our payment module provides you with the convenience of a faster and more secure way of settling real-time transactions without stepping out from your room through a virtual account with funds deposited. You can top-up the funds from bank transfers (BCA, Mandiri, BNI) to your virtual account and start using it to pay for services within Clickargo. Besides topping up the funds from bank transfers, we offer you a credit limit option that you can use to pay your logistics bills right away and settle the payment later, empowering you with improved cash flow. Contact us now to find out more about Clickargo credit.

Clickargo enables you to pay for multiple services such as gate passes, trucking orders, and tax payments under a single platform instead of managing from various sources, which traditionally take away much of your time. Additionally, the operation history is recorded automatically for each transaction you make, making it easy for you to track. You can also download the statement of account (SoA) report to ease the reconciliation of your finance process. 

Payment of tax and logistics bills is no longer a tedious and time-consuming process

Having a virtual account with Clickargo means you can use the available funds to make online payments, trace the payment history and download the report at any time.  

Permit & Clearance
document application

Container terminal
& Depot services

Import duties
& taxes

Shipping orders

Reconciliation of payment done at the
touch of a button

Provide you with a consolidated view of payment history and statement of account for ease of reconciliation

Resolve your cash flow issue with the approved credit, use now pay later

Receive instant funds in your virtual account once your shipping invoice is approved. Apply for an account and start receiving payments!

Zero risk of vulnerability to errors, fraud and theft

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