Digital logistics platform to handle your delivery and fleet

Clickargo eliminates paperwork and manual work from the creation and assignment of delivery jobs to the status check and submission of proof of delivery (POD) through the digitalisation of trucking processes into the ClicTruck module, giving you a hassle-free experience in delivery and fleet management. 


ClicTruck connects everyone in the logistics supply chain, including shippers, freight forwarders, trucking vendors, and drivers, with access to real-time information. The platform is easy to use with an easy-to-view dashboard, enabling you to carry out immediate data-driven decision making. For example, you can track the deliveries and locate the trucks on the map in a single view anytime and anywhere, enabling you to adjust the schedule easily whenever needed. 

With live delivery tracking and instant EPOD notification, ClicTruck provides greater transparency and improves efficiency in business processes. And by having greater visibility of the cargo and trucks movements, you will be able to enhance your on-time delivery performance and improve customer service. In addition, we offer customisation of the POD document fields to meet your logistics needs. Speak to our sales team about your requirements now!


The mobile-friendly app (Android & iOS) is designed to ease the drivers to perform the job orders and capture proof of delivery in photo and signature for real-time POD submission. Immediately, the backend system will trigger an instant notification to all users of the job completion. Additionally, functions such as automated job creation and route optimisation with automation of trucks and drivers assignments can help reduce the cost of logistics and shorten the delivery fulfilment time. 


The platform’s robust SFTP connections with CargoWise, allows for automated job creation that simplifies the process and reduces human errors. No worry if you are not using CargoWise, Clickargo is integration-ready with any SAP/ERP systems through API. You can also download the handy reports from the platform to strengthen your business decision with insight from the delivery and fleet utilisation data. 

How ClicTruck works

A single platform to simplify
your trucking operation

Fleet Management

Plan & Schedule

Job Management

Recurring Jobs


Track & Trace


Instant Notifications

Electronic Proof of delivery (E-POD)

driver App

Going digitalise for better traceability

Manage and track the entire fleet and delivery with a single platform via web browser

Increase efficiency in delivery and no more delay on POD submission

Reduce data entry through automated, seamless jobs creation, thus fewer scheduling errors

Visibility of data enables better planning to maximise truck utilisation, hence improving profit margin

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