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Digital fleet management at your fingertips

We digitalise the process of creating and accepting the delivery job, monitoring and organising the transportation and cargo tracking into the ClicTruck module, giving you a hassle-free delivery planning experience through Clickargo digital logistics platform.  

ClicTruck connects everyone in the logistics supply chain, including cargo owner(Shippers), freight forwarders, trucking vendors, and drivers. All users have access to real-time information with an easy-to-view dashboard. The shipper can place the delivery jobs and monitor the progress, and the forwarder manages and tracks the entire fleet and delivery. The trucking vendor accepts jobs and assigns resources, while the driver utilises the mobile-friendly app (Android & iOS) to perform the delivery and submit electronic proof of delivery (e-POD).

ClicTruck has comprehensive functions that help reduce the cost of logistics and shorten the delivery fulfilment time, such as route optimisation with automation in assigning drivers and trucks, automated job creation and instant e-POD notification to all users on the job completion.  


The platform not only does away with the manual process of goods delivery but also leverages technology to ensure efficiency and visibility with the data flow. For example, through GPS and Geofence, you get to know the exact location of the moving trucks and receive notifications when the trucks with cargo enter the specified locations, empowering you with sufficient time to prepare and amend the delivery plan in case of an emergency. 


The platform also offers digital payment through a virtual account with Clickargo for your shipping orders, providing you with the convenience of a faster and more secure way of settling real-time transactions. Trucking vendors, in their turn, receive instant payment in the virtual account once the shipping invoice is approved. Apply for an account and start receiving payments! 


You can also download the handy reports from the platform to strengthen your business decision with insight from the delivery and fleet utilisation data. 

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A single platform to simplify

your trucking operation

Fleet Management

Plan & Schedule

Job Management

Recurring Jobs


Track & Trace



Electronic Proof of delivery (E-POD)

driver App

High logistics costs and

late deliveries can be avoided

how the platform of digital logistics Indonesia works

Greater visibility and traceability

enables better delivery planning

Cargo Owner / Forwarder

Manage and track the entire fleet and delivery digitally through a single platform

Reduce data entry with automated, seamless jobs creation, thus fewer scheduling errors

Trucking Vendor

Maximise truck utilisation, hence improving profit margin

Resolve cash flow issue by getting paid promptly

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